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adidas yeezy tumblrA new way of studying the accuracy of a lineup has emerged in the last few years, most prominently by John Wixted of the University of California-San 1Obwu Diego, who uses something called a “receiver operating characteristic,” or an ROC curve, which takes into account witness confidence in an identification. Eyewitness confidence numbers are plotted along the curve and appear to show that administering a simultaneous lineup has produced more accurate IDs than sequential ones.But his research often went unnoticed, remaining stuck in the halls of academia and not taken seriously by law enforcement or merely unknown to officers in the field.,adidas yeezy 750 boost black Baltimore, Boston, Dallas, Denver, Minneapolis, Philadelphia and San Diego have all changed the way they conduct them in the last several years, and most of those agencies have implemented blind, sequential procedures.In the last 15 years, a number of police departments have begun taking those reforms seriously. That study also appears to have found that sequential lineups are not superior to simultaneous ones and that, in fa 1Obwuct, innocent suspects are less likely to be mistakenly identified from simultaneous lineups.adidas yeezy boost 750 details

yeezy 350 moonrock soleS. Other ROC studies appear to have similar findings. should 1Obwu conduct lineups.,adidas yeezy europe If someone has a gun, for example, we’re more likely to pay attention to the weapon than the face of the person holding it. It pushes agencies to document confidence judgments from witnesses at the time of an identification, confidence that can often irrationally grow in strength by the time they’re called to the witness stand. Other ROC studies appear to have similar findings.yeezy 350 oxford tan for sale

yeezy 350 turtle dove buy”Around the late 1990s, as DNA testing took off, it turned out that a number of false convictions could be traced back to witness misidentification.mber of factors can affect a person’s memory, especially in a charged moment like when a crime is taking place.“I think we’d still have this huge gap where the work we’ve done would be written off as pointy-headed researchers in the lab,” Wells says, “until the DNA exonerations came.,adidas yeezy price za He helped introduce the idea of the double-blind procedure, in which officers who were administering a lineup didn’t know the real suspect from the filler picks.For the most part, the recommendations released by NAS on Thursday endorsed many of the things for which Wells has been long arguing.S.adidas yeezy 350 boost au

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